This is the perfect time of year to take a risk and try something
new. Many of us let the summer distract us. We think we aren’t suppose to be
learning (come on, we aren’t that controlled by the school calendar are we?
Especially those of us that graduated YEARS ago!), yet this is the perfect time to do
just that. If there is something you have wanted to add to or improve in your life –
do it now!

o Pump your heart!

What a perfect time of year to really get outside to take walks,
runs (careful of the heat), and play Outdoor Games! Don’t just use the energy of this
season to work more or watch more TV/Movies; just like when you were younger –
go out and play!

o Joy gatherings!

Seek out great friends, family and good conversation! This is
for sure the time of year to be surrounded by people who make you feel good. If
you find yourself in a beautiful outdoor setting, but feeling lousy about the company
your keeping go back to bullet #1 and think about making a change. You are fueled
by the energy around you. Make sure it is positive.

You want to use the summer element energy available this time of year to add
more fulfillment to your life – not just work more or create more toxicity. Use the
energy to bring you to a new, healthy way of being.

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